On 2020/07/08 12:40, Michael Meeks wrote:
> One clarification since it caused some private questions:
> On 07/07/2020 21:13, Michael Meeks wrote:
>>      Collabora - despite C'bra still putting a lot of work into
>> LibreOffice Desktop, having an outstanding support capability, doing
>> lots of marketing, being the largest code contributor to LibreOffice,
>> and having lots of existing happy customers / references for desktop
>> LibreOffice, ... etc. etc.
>>      We have not had -one- -single- -new- Collabora *Office*
>> customer since 2018 - zero.
>       I think Thorsten stated more cleanly as:
>       "The market for desktop libreoffice is tough;
>        sales cycles frequently count in multiple years"

I'd blame the lack of sales on Collabora having a really bad website
(https://www.collaboraoffice.com), in respect to LibreOffice, Collabora
Office, and CODE. Start with the (United States? Canadian? Caribbean?)
$18/month/seat for an SMB. Is that the online edition, or the desktop
edition? Is that Tier 1 or Tier 2 support? The Tier 3 support page is
understandable, until you discover that despite asterisks, there is no
definition of either "high" or "medium". It doesn't help that there are
two grammatical errors on that page. (Since I'm being picky, there also
is a spelling error on one of the other pages.) No pricing in British
Pounds, despite being an English company?!?!?!

>And of course for us Collabora Online is the tip of the spear for
> investment & expected returns, with education being a key sector
> currently. We have a growing set of customers there.

Wandering through https://www.colaboraoffice.com, I would never have
guessed that education was considered to be a key sector. Nor would I
know that Collabora GovOffice is claimed to be a key component of their

As far as education goes, Collabora looks like they have created
plug-ins that easily enable IT to incorporate Collabora Online into
various commonly used environments in the academic and corporate world.
Not a mention of those plug-ins, or how they enhance each other, in
either their testimonials or white paper.

Is TDF/LibreOffice supposed to be doing marketing for and on behalf of
Collabora, Multiracio, etc?


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