Hi Michael,

Michael Weghorn wrote:
> In the former case, adding the relevant information (professional
> support available and encouraged for enterprises) more explicitly to the
> website or maybe using existing mechanisms to inform the user (like
> mentioning support in the donation/contribution infobars or add a "Tip
> of the Day" with that info) might be a good way of dealing with this, in
> my opinion.
Yes - the important aspect here being, that many users in a corporate
deployment would never see the download page. So indeed a way to bring
those facts in front of users' eyes is important. The Personal (or
rather more likely, given the discussion here, Community) tag would
deliver that.

But clever ways to insert that into info bar or tips of the day would
be cool, too - it's just that a window title bar mention is visible
~all the time, whereas info bars are used sparingly.

I have no insight into the psychology here though, whether one or the
other approach would be more effective in nudging. Perhaps we can try
both? ;)


-- Thorsten

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