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>Simply, when I turn on The tablet by using fast reboot algorithm,

Do you know what that mode is supposed to do, how it works, etc? Do they give 
any details within their documentation for it?

>Brltty communicate for several milliseconds with Tieman Braille
>Voyager. But after several hundreds of Milliseconds, android warning
>dialog window, which force user to give Android permission to use
>this device with The checkbox use for ever block Brltty from working.

This actually seems like a different kind of bug. If I'm understanding 
correctly, it's allowing brltty to access the device for a short period of time 
before it confirms that access should be allowed. That doesn't sound too secure 
to me.

>And this behaviour is causing random Brltty crash, since Android
>block USB communication till The moment, when user confirm The dialog

Brltty still shouldn't be stopping like that, though. It should be detecting a 
USB failure, stopping the driver, and then attempting to restart the driver 
again. Can you spot any logs that show why brltty has crashed?

>The situation with connect / unconnect USB device is The similar.
>Simply, Android want to confirm, that user will use this device and
>in some cases, this dialog, which block Brltty from using USB device
>will cause its crash.

Again, it shouldn't be actually crashing in this case. Any data you can find 
that might help resolve this problem will be apreciated.

>I have found perfect debugging solution for us. Professional solution
>from Google developers. Android 6.0 developers option contain
>checkbox add send bug report To The application shut down dialog. And
>after some amount of time, Google algorithms prepare full debug log.
>There are even some messages, which can not be fetched by using
>Logcat, such as addr fault in specific application.
>There are also many technical information about running device,
>including swap size, memory size, blocked memory size and other
>useful information.

Thank you. I hadn't noticed that option, and shall look for and enable it.

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