Dear MR Mielke and others,
I have big plea addressed to you, even I know, that it is not easy issue.
How complex would be for you to implement some hod keys combination, which would enable Brltty for Android users suspend The service. Talkback allow suspend itself by pressing two volume buttons, if this setting is allowed, checked from The Talkback setting dialog window.
Since it is very complex to determine, if user have unplug USB cable from Micro USB or USB in general. And when I unplug The cable, Android System UI display messae, that Brltty has stop working. I Am afraid, that it is not very easy to implement routine, which would monitor connection status in background. So what about adding suspend function. But I do not know, if suspend will also disable SB communication, so when user would unplug USB cable after calling suspend function. It is little think. I do not know, what will happen, if user turn Blue tooth connected Braille device when Brltty service run. I suggest hod key letter s in combination with The first routing key on Braille device. I know, that our situation is more complex than in Talkback. Talkback run as system app and it do not use .so C libraryes. It would be necessary to test aand find out, if suspend feature can be programatically implemented. And if suspend will not cause also bug from Android System UI application Brltty has stopped or has stop working.

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