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>I Am very sorry that I Am intruding you and mailing list with this
>topic for so long time.

There's no need to be sorry. That's why we're here and one thing the list is 

>But really. Brltty program do not react on specific build in on
>Braille display keys presses. But NVDA can detect pressed keys. 

Then it may be that NVDA is requesting all the commands rather than just those 
that it'll actually use. If NVDA is reacting to the keys then brltty is 
certainly processing them because it's what forwards the keys to NVDA via 

>I have also terminated NVDA. 

I suspect that brltty is configured to only take full control when focus is on 
a console window. Perhaps you could try moving the focus to a console window 
and then check if brltty is responding to the keys.

>May be, that The reason of my issue is caused by The fact, that I have chosen 
>autodetect instead of choosing Voyager device inĀ  Brltty configurator.

No, that wouldn't be it.

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