Dear Mr Mielke,
    I wish you good Saturday morning.
Here is procedure to reproduce The USB Braille device issue on Brltty for Android. Use Brltty and when system do not send data to Braille device, disconnect it. Try to use Talkback as normally for several minutes. You should get warning from Android System UI, Brltty has stop working. Sure, Brltty must be enabled from Accessibility dialog window as The accessibility service.
App will be terminated.
You can also turn display on and off when device have been disconnected.
I Am using Android 6.0 with latest stable updates.
I will also contact Lenovo corporation today since they have incorporated new feature to their Android release. In The accessibility settings, there is special function, enable fast Startup. It is something like hybernate function in Windows. After using this function and when I turn on The tablet, Brltty also stop to work. Even if Tieman Braille Voyager is connected to USB port. I hope, that Lenovo will inform Me, which programmers techniques must every developer make so this app will work after turning on The device when it have been turned off after enabling The feature enable fast startup in The accessibility dialog Window. But this will be complex and it will depend, if Lenovo will have good will to inform me or other developers about their feature and how to make app which will be compatible with this. Using this function has big advantage. User can turn off The tablet and it will be active after several seconds. It also depend on, if it is official feature which is build inside Android 66.0 kernel, or if it is specific Lenovo kernel Module or path.

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