To clarify:  Auburn is at the head of Owasco Lake, the small Finger Lake that 
lies between Cayuga Lake and Skaneateles Lake.

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Large roosts of crows are famous. A few years ago, Auburn, NY, near the upper 
reaches of Cayuga Lake, had to resort to drastic (but non-violent) measures to 
rid the city of tens of thousands of them. Maybe Ithaca has a reputation for 
being more crow friendly. Here we have our own "reverse pied piper" in crow 
expert Kevin McGowan, who will likely add his educated perspective to my 
unscientific babbling.

They are using the slopes of south hill which lead down into 6 Mile Creek and 
the neighborhoods bordering the creek area for the roost these days (or nights, 
On Wed, Dec 15, 2010 at 10:05 PM, Andrew Roe 
<<>> wrote:
This is only my second winter in Ithaca (I'm a grad student, here from the 
southeast) so I don't really know how normal this is- but there seem to be an 
ENORMOUS number of crows around downtown Ithaca and Cornell- swirling at dusk, 
covering roofs, nearly toppling trees, blotting out the sun, etc.

Can someone in the know let me know what's going on? Are these all birds 
passing through, or is there some sort of monumental attack on the Lab of O in 
the works?




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