On 27/02/13 10:09, Mark Cannell wrote:
Hi Randall

I installed the tools and the repository code does runs in OpenCell. However 
when I clone the distribution and edit anything I get the same java error I got 
before the Xcode tools were installed. I have no idea what I could be doing 

So just to clarify: you are loading a model, running a simulation by clicking the Integrate button, cloning the model by right clicking on it in the left pane, editing an initial condition in OpenCell, and clicking Integrate, without leaving OpenCell in the interim, and the first time you click Integrate, it works and you get results, but the second time you get the Javascript error about it failing in "cellml_servicesICellMLIntegrationService.compileModelODE"?

This is not something I have seen before, the only possibility I can think of is that the edit you are making might be introducing a change that is tripping a bug in the code generator - what edit are you making, and does it happen if you only make a simple change like changing an initial condition?

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