For other data I will have a look tomorrow, but
>>> - user details for users accessing the shares
>> normal ad users or admins it is all the same, just add (in our
>> structure) \homes between \\server\username and you get the previous
>> versions, use the autohome (\\server\username) and you have no previous
>> versions.
>> \\server\homes points to the dataset mounted at /export/data/users/
>>> - your smbautohome file
>> # cat /etc/smbautohome
>> *       /export/data/users/&
> This information is incomplete.  For example, should I assume that
> you relocate the home directories and update all appropriate
> configuration files, including /etc/smbautohome, for each scenario?
Sorry maybe I missunderstood you, but what should I relocate where, wtf?
I touched eigther the autohome nor the dataset or share configuration
since 6 month. And for sure I've not moved around the 1/2 T of data.

Autohomes provides a share to personal data for each user personal.
the homes share exports unconditionally all dirs in /export/data/users,
for administrational or foreign access purposes.

If a user opens his personal files with \\server\username there are no
previous versions found.

If the same user on the same client now just inserts a \homes (leads to
\\server\homes\username) he immediatly gets all previous versions fine.

if he removes \homes from path and looks in preference for previous
versions they are gone. But he still has the exactly same actual data.
If he deletes a file it looks lost here, adding \homes it is also gone,
but previous versions are now there and allowing to easily restore that
file and yes then it is also back when using the autohome-share.

So what scenario, so what should i move when?
I would guess that osol looks in shareroot for .zfs, then it would find
it using \\server\homes but not when using \\server\username as those
are no separate datasets.

> If you provide all the requested information for each scenario, we
> can see what's going on instead of having to make educated guesses
> based on partial descriptions.
> Alan

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