Am 16.06.2010 10:04, schrieb Alan Wright:
> Florian Manschwetus wrote:
>> Am 11.06.2010 16:49, schrieb MichaelHoy:
>>> We have a zpool with a volume and in that volume we have a number of
>>> directories which are dynamically shared via smbautohome.
>>> e.g. zpool pstuds, volume a and directory a1234567.
>>> The server is a member of an AD.
>>> The directory name matches the local user account (local for setting
>>> ACLs) which maps (idmap) to the AD user.
>>> Works like a charm.
>>> By the way, we needed to use a directory for the home space as
>>> opposed to a volume since we have 50k users’ home directories.
>>> Trouble is…I can’t see the snapshot directory or view
>>> previous-versions whilst in the users’ home folder.
>>> If I share the volume which the directory sits in then I can however
>>> explore the UNC path
>>> (\\server\pstuds_a\.zfs\snapshot\mhtest\a1234567) and see those files
>>> which I have deleted.
>>> The question is, should I be able to explore/previous-versions of the
>>> snapshots when I’m in a directory of a volume or are snapshots only
>>> visible from the root of the volume?
>>> Thanks for taking the time to read this.
>>> Michael
>> Same effect here, we have smbautohomes on \\server\username and as
>> unbrowseable share \\server\homes\username
>> \\server\homes is equal to dataset (\export\data(the pool)\users)
>> when browsing \\server\username the previous versions in properties
>> finds nothing
>> \\server\homes\username previous versions in properties works perfectly,
>> even for subdirectories and files
>> would be nice to know a workaround
> To investigate, please provide:
> - a network capture (wireshark) and 'ls -lVd' for the working scenario
> - a network capture and 'ls -lVd' for the failing scenario
uhm it is the same scenario, the same files, the same data, just two
different shares?
> - user details for users accessing the shares
normal ad users or admins it is all the same, just add (in our
structure) \homes between \\server\username and you get the previous
versions, use the autohome (\\server\username) and you have no previous
\\server\homes points to the dataset mounted at /export/data/users/
> - your smbautohome file
# cat /etc/smbautohome
*       /export/data/users/&
> - output from cifs-gendiag
> Thanks,
> Alan

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