I have a 3Di 155% genoa which has survived three years of racing. The
previous 3Dr ( yes "r" ) lasted 6 weeks, and the replacement 3DL accumulated
$1,200 in repairs by the end of the second summer. The 3Di has had some
minor winter sail care, edges done due to lifeline or stanchion chafe. I suspect
it will be fine for another two years.

The 3Di is a premium priced sail but I think for me it will be cheaper in the 
long run.

Michael Brown
C&C 30-1

From: Kevin Driscoll <kevindrisc...@gmail.com> 
If I were buying a sail right now I would be reading everything on Brian 
Hancock's blog about lofts, cuts, and fiber. You can find it here. 
<http://www.greatcirclesails.com/maximum-sail-power-blog.html> This guy is 
a professional and up on the latest developments in fiber technology, which 
is valuable since it is changing every season. He also has a book *Maximum 
Sail Power* which may be a little dated in the fiber department, but the 
fundamentals are still there. 
FWIW, I race on a boat with North 3Di (which is / has replaced 3DL) and the 
sails are bomb proof and fast. They will outlast any Dacron sail IMO. They 
take a beating and keep on ticking. The taffeta laminate sails don't like 
to be neglected or too much UV, which is why their longevity suffers in the 
hands of some cruisers. 


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