Interestingly, I have asked only for a replacement mainsail, and two lofts
(both have a sense of my intended use, and know the dimensions) are going
to quote, without having asked me any further questions.
I am working my way through the Sailpower blog as recommended here by Kevin
Driscoll.  Interesting stuff, and between that and the comments from
listers I should come out the other end with a clear specification for my

Combined purchase?   Might make sense, especially if shipping and customs
clearance is involved.     The border and foreign exchange add to the
commercial complexity, so local is good for a few reasons.   That said, I
found for my a-spin that Rolly Tasker in Thailand was extrememly
competitive and reliable,  (sail not used yet...)  even though mine was
custom, and not an off the rack model.     Couldn't hurt to share knowledge
anyway.     I have a few people interested in quoting, some directed my
list members. (thanks!)   I think I've had some discussions with Spike in
the past...

Once the smoke clears I will probably post findings/specification on my own
blog page and here, where the advice of list members has helped a lot


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Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2016 12:39:48 +0000
From: Bradley Lumgair <>
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Subject: Stus-List  Mainsail replacement considerations

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Maybe we should combine our orders, I'll be looking for a new main this
winter for our '85 33-2. Have dealt with Spike here at Doyle Boston, and am
happy with what we got. He's "very" local and an active part of our race
program here in Sarnia.
1985 C&C 33-2
Lake Huron

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