Iv'e got two headsails from Rolly Tasker dealing with the factory in
Thailand now and I'm very happy with both. I got the "offshore cruising"
sails. So I didn't get their cheapest.

Local lofts wanted twice. I'm of the opinion that a sailboat owner needs to
do as much of their own work aboard their boat - this includes measuring
for sails. You really don't need a professional to do this for you. Unless
you have deep pockets and want every last ounce of performance. Queue the

No doubt you may get features you did not even consider but I live in
ignorant bliss and still have money in my pocket.

Precision wanted more money for the same features and while pleasant, were
very aggressive. When I asked them if they could get me a sail in x amount
of time, they said not at any price, just not possible. I told them that
Rolly could get me one in that timeframe from Thailand but I would prefer
to deal with a 'local' loft (which I was really considering, especially in
light of the CAD/USD - Rolly deals in USD). They said, "If you're ok with a
generic sail and we can't dissuade you, that loft makes batches of the same
sails and then sells them as custom". They went on to admonish them some
more and were actually quite nasty about it, "if you're ok with a crappy
sail" kind of attitude. I was like, "Oh really?" and promptly never spoke
to them again. I don't mind some competition, but badmouthing the
competition and belittling your customers is just bad business.

And guess what? My custom sail from Thailand arrived exactly on time for my
summer cruise this year. I saved money AND I got it faster. It's a nice
sail, to boot.

I'm like you. We pleasure sail and cruise only. All I know is I can achieve
optimal sail trim with my new sails on my old boat, that's good enough for
I have a 155 and a 115. Same exact design, just different surface area. No
foam luff, crosscut 'offshore' dacron sails, I change sails to suit the
conditions and try not to furl to reef, I hate it.

At the end of the day I want good sails that will last. I think Rolly's
sails are at the top of the price/performance spectrum - you can spend more
money but with diminishing returns.

Suhana, C&C 32

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