Joel, you weren't kidding!   Lots to read up on tonight, ( I may have some
questions once I digest this) two PMs offering to quote!  Thanks all.    I
wonder if lavalife works this well?  ;-)
Seriously - it makes sense I suppose - its a pretty important part of the


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50 sailors will have 100 opinions on this one!
I would go with a high quality Dacron cross-cut with at least 2 full
battens, a loose foot, 2 reef point points.  Their Coastal Cruising sail
sounds like a good fit for you.  The cunningham is important for
controlling luff tension.  Much easier to load up than a halyard.
I had one of their gennies on my 35/3.  Other than some restitching of the
UV cover, the sail looked like new after 3,000+ miles.

RT does not do much in laminates.  UK does not do much in dacron.


On Thu, Oct 13, 2016 at 8:55 AM, Dave S via CnC-List <>

> Just received the results from the fall check-up and the local sail
> loft has diagnosed Windstar's ('85 33-2) mainsail as "beyond
> expired".   Cue the Monty Python...
> The current main has two sets of reef points, (cringle at the leech
> and and ring-on-webbing-straps at the luff.)
> No telltales other than streamers off the leech.
> IIRC there may be a leech line.
> 4 partial battens battens.
> There are two cringles at the clew, one above the other, and what I
> believe is called a "shelf" of lighter weight cloth along the foot.  Have
> never used this out of ignorance, but perhaps I should.
> it has a rope foot, slides on the luff.
> I will have Rolly Tasker in Thailand quote, as well as UK sails here in
> Toronto.
> I value the 33-2's performance but most of my sailing is recreational
> sailing here on Lake Ontario.  Would like to distance race but not looking
> to be ultra-competitive at the top level.      Don't want to buy another
> Main for this boat in the next decade.
> Any thoughts or recommendations on a replacement, or comments on sail
> lofts?   Many thanks!
> Dave
> Windstar 33-2

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