On Oct 18, 2016, at 12:17 , Alan Snyder <applemail832...@cbfiddle.com> wrote:
> The implication is that AppKit is probing the application at unspecified 
> times with a fake event?

Well, I had to try it in a test project. I don’t see *any* difference in 
appearance in the buttons, with acceptsFirstResponder YES or NO, regardless of 
window state, regardless of IB canvas or running application, *except* that 
colored highlights (the blue indicating a default button, or the blue menu 
indicator on a popup button) change to gray in an inactive window.

This is with macOS Sierra. It’s possible that earlier iterations of the OS X UI 
did have an inactive appearance for buttons, and my feeble recollection is that 
this was so for a while in the 10.6-10.8 era, at least.

Perhaps what I did at the time was disable the button when the window went 

> Nothing in the documentation of acceptsFirstMouse suggests such a thing.

Well, the event parameter is allowed to be nil (and AppKit headers have been 
audited for nullability, so it’s not likely to be an oversight).


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