On Oct 18, 2016, at 19:43 , Alan Snyder <applemail832...@cbfiddle.com> wrote:
> Well, try this on Sierra:
> Use the Open File… menu item of Safari to open a dialog. Then activate a 
> different application. On my system, the Cancel button in the dialog grays 
> out (although it still looks different than the disabled Open button). Now 
> click the Cancel button. Even though the button is grayed out, on my system 
> the dialog is dismissed.

Yup, that works as you say. Guess why? (You won’t like the answer.)

The buttons change appearance when they’re in a window margin at the bottom of 
an inactive window (and, I would expect, when they’re in a toolbar at the top). 
If they’re in the body of the window, they don’t change.

I’ve lost track of what the point is here. Apparently there is no programmatic 
way to control to inactive appearance, and “acceptsFirstResponder” only affects 
the inactive behavior. Is there something you were trying to do that you 
couldn’t, or was it only about explaining the apparent inconsistency?


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