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> Stephen McConnell wrote:
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> > Maybe it's about dealing with the breach of procedure by the Chair
of a
> > PMC and ensuring that this does not get rewarded nor repeated.
> Once again, there was no technical breach of procedure.  Of custom,
> perhaps, but not of procedure.  This is another dead horse that
> should stop getting beaten.  

A set of polices and procedures were established and these procedures
governing the decision making processes within the Avalon PMC.  These
policies established rules concerning discussion, voting, and reporting.
Unfortunately Aaron decided that he was above these rules, a notion
supported by the Chairman and a number of the members of the board.

There is absolute indisputable evidence of Aaron disregard for these
procedures and the opinion of the PMC. Lets' not even argue about that.
Instead I would suggest you think about the impact of these actions on
the PMC members and the community. The breakdown in trust underpins the
subject of this thread and every single person subscribed to this list
is better off for knowing that.  So instead of defending the ASF - how
about thinking about strengthening what you have by at least listening
and perhaps suggesting ways in which we can prevent this in the future.


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