Niclas Hedhman wrote:
You really think that we consider that fair judgement?

I do not blame you or Stephen or anyone individually for James's dependencies. Stephen asked the question of whether these dependencies could, or rather shouldn't it, lead me to direct blame at the ASF "establishment", and so I laid out the order in which I would assign blame. Regardless of organizational structure (which I gave), it is certainly the group of coders fault before someone who has never checked out the code, and certainly the loud coders before the others. That doesn't mean it's fair, or even matters that much.

I think Aaron should be sainted because a) it was volunteer and b) it was a poisoned situation that needed to end. Nobody new should consider linking to that codebase. Just let it die and the phoenix will be reborn from its ashes (pun intended).

There certainly seems a lot of illwill between you+Stephen and the ASF "establishment." I can somewhat understand though not empathize with wanting to have history reflect what you see as having happened. To play devil's advocate, everything new I use is built outside of the ASF, so what's the big deal about having to take your code elsewhere?

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