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I disagree with your assessment that "You [Steve], as a primary actor in the 
Avalon community, failed..."

1. Steve is accused of becoming the "primary actor" of late, when the other 
primary actors, like Peter Donald, Berin Loritsch, Nicola Ken Barozzi, Paul 
Hammant, Stefano Mazzocchi (I probably left a few out), had left, i.e. 
towards the later part of 2003.

2. So, let's re-examine the history of WHEN the James entropy sets in, i.e. 
what has been 'killed' at which point in time;

Dates in parenthesis, is the last trace I can find of it. 
+++ means possibly not rebuildable from source, as I have not been able to 
locate the source directories in CVS history, only deleted Jars in the 
Phoenix project.

Prior to Mid-2003 (i.e. before I was heavily involved)
excalibur-baxter-1.0a.jar           DEAD+++  (27 Dec 2002)
phoenix-client.jar                  DEAD+++  ( 4 Apr 2003 )
phoenix-bsh-commands.jar            DEAD     ( 2 Mar 2003 )
excalibur-threadcontext-1.0.jar     DEAD+++  (28 Feb 2003)
excalibur-containerkit-1.0.jar      DEAD+++  (27 Dec 2002)
excalibur-extension-1.0a.jar        DEAD+++  (28 Feb 2003)

These were repackaged into a "compatibility" deliverable, somewhere prior to 
mid-2003, and handed over to the Excalibur TLP under a 
"excalibur-compatibility" artifact/jar;
excalibur-cli-1.0.jar               REPLACE BY COMMONS CLI
excalibur-collections-1.0.jar       DEAD
excalibur-io-1.1.jar                REPLACE BY COMMONS IO
excalibur-concurrent-1.0.jar        DEAD

During the period when I was actively monitoring, and later committer, in the 
Avalon project and Steve a "primary actor".
            ****   <none>   *****

In the Excalibur TLP after taking over the code.
excalibur-i18n-1.0.jar              DEAD (No longer in source repository)
excalibur-configuration-1.0.jar     DEPRICATED
excalibur-util-1.0.jar              DEAD (No longer in source repository)
excalibur-compatibility             DEAD (No longer in source repository)
                                    containing the concurrent,cli,io and

excalibur-instrument-0.1.jar        NEVER RELEASED
                                    (I would say that is due to Steve and
                                     my lack of interest in excalibur

cornerstone.jar                     UNRELEASED & UNREPRODUCABLE
                                    (Unreproducable due to missing version,
                                     even no snapshot id. Would have been
                                     released in due time.)

Furthermore, the entire Excalibur codebase was not buildable when I came into 
the Avalon project. I and Stephen spent a few weeks to get it to build, and 
another few weeks to get Gump to build it. We had no interest in that 
codebase per se. We just 'collaborated'.

NOW, for the Record, I get very upset when I look at the above, and that the 
we (Stephen McConnell & myself) are accused of;
1. Not collaborating and unable to compromise.
2. Not being concerned of other ASF users, such as Cocoon and James.
3. Not taking care of Avalon legacy.
4. Consensus by Attrition.

To me it is more a matter of those who started Excalibur gave up on it, 
deserted the user base, and managed to blame someone else (Steve and perhaps 
me). As soon as the (basically) same group of primary actors, Berin & Peter, 
regains their 'position' (i.e. Excalibur TLP) further axing of the legacy is 
done, without much regards for projects like Cocoon and James.

You really think that we consider that fair judgement?

I assume, that most of the judgement passed on Steve from respectable people 
like yourself, is only amplified FUD created and propagated by people who are 
in disagreement with Steve on how Merlin should have been evolved. I can't 
see any other explanation... Tragic!

> Can we start a new mailing list called [EMAIL PROTECTED] and
> somehow redirect all avalon-related emails to that?

Well, some people are interested in history and justice even if it is 
superficial. ( Oh, I forgot, I have the right to remain silent... Go straight 
to jail without passing GO. )

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