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> Niclas Hedhman wrote:
> > Smoke and Mirrors  -  isn't there a passage in the New Testament 
> > with something about sin and stones ? And it's amazing how high the 
> > political .... can stack without smell. But, anyway, that is history

> > so let's move on with our lives - after all, the only ones who 
> > really got hurt were the Avalon users, and the ASF establishment 
> > have already declared that they are not important.
> > 
> I've tried to stay out of this thread(s), but I just have to say, 
> "give me a break."  James was one of Avalon's most visible users, and 
> I simply cannot stand to hear someone from Avalon criticize the ASF 
> establishment about the treatment of Avalon users.


Perhaps it could be argued that the following list positions James as a
visible user of dead, never released, unreproducible, redundant and
unsupported technology?  I couldn't say.  But I would like to know if
this is what you meant by the ASF establishment taking care of the James

Dependency                          ASF Management Strategy

avalon-framework-4.1.3.jar          EXCALIBUR
excalibur-pool-1.0.jar              EXCALIBUR
excalibur-logger-1.0.jar            EXCALIBUR
logkit-1.2.jar                      EXCALIBUR
excalibur-thread-1.0.jar            EXCALIBUR
excalibur-datasource-1.0.jar        EXCALIBUR

excalibur-baxter-1.0a.jar           DEAD
excalibur-containerkit-1.0.jar      DEAD
excalibur-configuration-1.0.jar     DEPRICATED
excalibur-instrument-0.1.jar        NEVER RELEASED
excalibur-cli-1.0.jar               REPLACE BY COMMONS CLI
excalibur-io-1.1.jar                REPLACE BY COMMONS IO
cornerstone.jar                     UNRELEASED & UNREPODUCABLE
excalibur-concurrent-1.0.jar        DEAD
excalibur-i18n-1.0.jar              DEAD
phoenix-client.jar                  DEAD
excalibur-threadcontext-1.0.jar     DEAD
excalibur-collections-1.0.jar       DEAD
excalibur-extension-1.0a.jar        DEAD
excalibur-util-1.0.jar              DEAD
phoenix-bsh-commands.jar            DEAD

The above list is actually really interesting because it was a subject
at the center of the first "critical drama" between the Chair, members
of the board, and activate Avalon committers.  The active committer
community objected to the transfer of dead code from cvs to svn, arguing
that the Avalon svn should contain the active alive code.  Irrespective
of the validity of this opinion - members of the board actively
encouraged Aaron to ignore any PMC opinion and take an "executive"
decision.  In my mind (and I'm not alone) this was the start of a
fallout between the chair, certain members of the board, and members of
the Avalon development community.


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