Niclas Hedhman wrote:
>> Who wants to commit any code or do anything in an environment as 
>> poisonous as Avalon was at the time? 
> 4. So you don't want to spend any time in Avalon, but you really do want to 
> make it hard for everyone else? There has to be more than one to have a 
> disagreement.

Regardless of whether there was any 'right' or 'wrong' position, it
appears that there were irreducible differences.  I only recall one
side expressing a willingness to compromise.  My memory may be imperfect,

>> The only ones willing to keep committing were
>> those who were determined to bulldoze there agenda into the repository.
> 5. In a positive atmosphere, it would be called; "Prepared to take action, 
> when paralysis had set into the community."

ISTR some issues about ignored vetos and vetos without sufficient

> The agenda was to promote Merlin 
> into a platform for component oriented architecture. When that was considered 
> being against approx half the PMC and some additional developers, we started 
> the process of taking Merlin to TLP, but the Excalibur group just needed to 
> be better, and by throwing in a second proposal, at least one member of the 
> Board intervened privately, and asked us to drop the Merlin TLP and forge 
> ahead with the new vision. Now, I call that a mandate.

Please clarify what you mean by 'mandate' here.  That the board was mandating
that you drop the Merlin TLP idea?

> Yet, Excalibur TLP
> without me and Steve was manna from heaven for this group, but it was 
> definately a matter of balkanization along people and not technology. 
> Something Mr Coar would never agree to.

One thing I don't agree to is people putting words in my mouth.  Please
cease doing so.

>> Then why in the world are you bringing your grief back here?
> 8. "grief". My dear little boy, if you call this "grief" you don't know much 
> about life. Call me when someone really near to you pass away, and then we 
> can talk about grief.

I believe this is a cultural miscommunication.  I think Aaron meant grief
as in 'giving grief':

>> In retrospect, do I regret that we now are active outside ASF? No, not at
>> all.
> Then why in the world are you bringing your grief back here?

'If you have no regrets about having moved outside the ASF, why do you
care what happens there and why are you contributing to this thread?'

Aaron can correct me if I'm wrong.

In any event, on the face of it I consider your 'my dear little boy' remark
to be condescending, offensive, and uncalled-for.  But that too might be
a lingual/cultural misunderstanding.

> Maybe I am just satanistic sadist who like to kick a dead horse. Maybe I 
> happen to think that a great injustice has been made, and don't like when 
> people make statements portrayed as facts, when they at the most can be 
> called perceptions.

Heh.  Sounds like the pot and kettle calling each other black.
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