Hey Lewis,

FYI my reply to you in context on the Gora list:


In general, I just let the VOTE stay open for *at least* 72 hours. That way
folks that are busy/lazy/whatever have a chance to still chime in. The truth is,
as the one that called the VOTE, you are the one pushing for a particular 
outcome, so just wait till you get it :) Then when you are satisfied with the 
so long as *at least* 72 hours have passed, you are welcome to call the VOTE 
closed, and then move forward.

Great job pushing this forward.

My 2c.


On Apr 23, 2012, at 8:39 AM, Lewis John Mcgibbney wrote:

> Hi Everyone,
> We recently held a VOTE [0] over on user@ and d...@gora.apache.org and only 
> two official VOTE's were actually passed. For the record both were weighted 
> in favour of a +1.
> Based on the nature of the VOTE and its conformance to the 'minimum quorum of 
> three +1 votes' rule I am pretty much stumped about where to go next? As a 
> whole the Gora community relies on lazy consensus, however in this case I am 
> not satisfied that we can apply this attitude to the release package VOTE'ing 
> process. I would therefore really appreciate some advice on how to progress 
> with this.
> Thanks for any direction and/or comments.
> Best
> Lewis
> [0] 
> http://mail-archives.apache.org/mod_mbox/gora-user/201204.mbox/%3CCAGaRif0LwzaoH2CvVvecG8zMXYVkOWZhOTi3qegFgGfTKMEUxw%40mail.gmail.com%3E

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