The short answer is that you need to grow the number of active PMC members
(not sure why users is on a vote; they don't at all). You need three +1
votes to ensure that the release has been fully-reviewed. One or two PMC
Members cannot make a release in the name of the ASF. It takes a minimum of

So... get more actives and/or get the other PMC Members off their butt to
inspect the release candidate and sign it with their key. Three signatures,
and you're good to go.

(and please avoid rubber stamps; get some real review)

On Apr 23, 2012 11:40 AM, "Lewis John Mcgibbney" <>

> Hi Everyone,
> We recently held a VOTE [0] over on user@ and and
> only two official VOTE's were actually passed. For the record both were
> weighted in favour of a +1.
> Based on the nature of the VOTE and its conformance to the 'minimum quorum
> of three +1 votes' rule I am pretty much stumped about where to go next? As
> a whole the Gora community relies on lazy consensus, however in this case I
> am not satisfied that we can apply this attitude to the release package
> VOTE'ing process. I would therefore really appreciate some advice on how to
> progress with this.
> Thanks for any direction and/or comments.
> Best
> Lewis
> [0]

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