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> In general, I just let the VOTE stay open for *at least* 72 hours. That way
> folks that are busy/lazy/whatever have a chance to still chime in. The truth 
> is,
> as the one that called the VOTE, you are the one pushing for a particular 
> desired
> outcome, so just wait till you get it :) Then when you are satisfied with the 
> outcome,
> so long as *at least* 72 hours have passed, you are welcome to call the VOTE
> closed, and then move forward.


We have the language "at least 72 hours" baked into our RM template email.

In theory, the fuzzy end-time could be abused on a contentious VOTE by say,
coordinating a block of votes and having the RM terminate the VOTE immediately
after those votes come in.  So perhaps VOTEs which are expected to be
contentious should have a fixed end-time.

However, most ASF VOTEs are not contentious, and "at least 72 hours" seems to
work well.  As a convenience, perhaps it's vaguely similar to a parliamentary
"voice vote".  Voice votes can be challenged, and anyone wanting to challenge
a VOTE which runs for "at least 72 hours" will have "at least 72
hours" to do so. :)

Marvin Humphrey

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