Yes, I think we can confirm that every GTA02 will ship with this new 'smart' battery. There are more steps to go through internally, related to certification, some sort of calibration. Tony, do you know more details? The cell's capacity will increase slightly to 1250 mAh (before was 1200 mAh). I am trying to release the schematics for the small PCB inside the smart battery as well, will be posted to the wiki.

Another update, the battery cell was marked 1200 mAh, the SANYO cell says it was 1200 mAh. I double check with battery vendor, they said that battery could charge to 1250mAh by experiment. The 1250 number I provided was a mistake, sorry.

Basic on Sanyo approval sheet, I think using 1200mAh is more accurate for our coulomb battery.

Tony Tu

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