Am Do  14. Februar 2008 schrieb Andy Green:
> Basically as a rule hardware is set in stone, it goes double when it is
> micro BGAs and so on like this hardware, there's not much anyone can do
> about that.
That's the reason why polite PCB-designers are planning for a NC-via at least 
for those BGA-contacts, that you won't get a hold on otherwise. Of course 
this adds about 2 cent to the costs of PCB for each via, and thus never is 
done by any commercial hw-mf (except those who had a major field-change-order 
issue in their history). On the other hand, what's the "tools to open the 
case" worth for, which surely add to total cost of product as well?

Of course a few vias don't already make a nice protoboard yet, but at least 
*some* users with smd-soldering experience may benefit. As long as they had 
some schematics anyway. All this very suboptimal with regard to an "open 
phone". All my Sony-gadgets are more open, when it comes to this. At least 
for those i got pretty nice service-manuals incl. circuit diagrams for free.


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