On Wed, 06 Jan 2010 18:50:49 +0800
William Kenworthy <bi...@iinet.net.au> wrote:

> On the FR in landscape mode, the digits (at anything over 100km/h -
> (spent two long days travelling at ~110km/h speed recently!) take up
> almost a quarter of the screen (in X and Y) - I just tried with the
> suggested patch/change and a global_font_scale of "40" was still a bit
> large.  "30" is perhaps a touch small (text height is the same as the
> buttons), but I'll live with it for awhile and see how it goes.

Can you put up somewhere a screenshot or send me one? It really differs
from distro to distro...

> One plus, the display updates are now smooth and almost unnoticeable -
> before the screen would often partially update and then catch up a
> couple of seconds later.
> The changing to red at 50km/h affects the visibility of the digits at
> the smaller sizes and is a pretty useless thing anyway (our limit is
> 110kmh in the country, 60 on city roads and 50 in backstreets so you
> hardly ever/rarely stay in the black zone - kinda defeats the
> purpose!). A presettable limit would be nice.

Ah yes. I have totally forgotten about it. I can add that in too.


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