2010/1/6 William Kenworthy <bi...@iinet.net.au>:
> This is my most used GPS app and the digit size is my only real beef
> with it - it works well.

I'd like to second that.  tangogps (+ GPRS) was fantastically useful
during my post-Christmas tour of the relatives.  The new routing
function especially rocks.  I just set it up, hand the phone to my
wife or 6 year old son, and they just make sure we stay on the green
line.  (I plan to make a donation shortly.)

> The changing to red at 50km/h [...]

Just an amusing note here...  The changing to red thing happens at 50
even when the speed is in _miles_ per hour.  It would make better
sense for the change to happen at 30mph, since 30mph is (roughly) the
same as 50km/h.

Finally, FWIW, on Debian I haven't noticed any problem with the font size.


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