Marcus Bauer wrote:
> On Tue, 5 Jan 2010 09:39:53 -0800 (PST)
> vancel35 <> wrote:
>> I've noticed that each version that I've upgraded of TangoGPS has
>> increased the font size for the speed display on the map screen.
> Nope. I just had a quick look: it was 72pt in the beginning and now is
> at 60pt since version 0.9.8.
You mention the DPI in other posts, so that may be what's happening.   I
always update the DPI to make everything smaller, and this time I reflashed
didn't change it.  I'll have to update my DPI when I leave work today and
see if the speed font is smaller.  However, it would still be nice if it
were configurable. :D

The larger issue about DPI is that everything is too big on the screen.  I
like the icons to be finger-friendly, but the text below them doesn't need
to be readable from across the room... but that's not what we're discussing
here... just an explanation why I always fiddle with the DPI. ;)

Marcus Bauer wrote:
>> I've looked inside the TangoGPS config file
>> (~.gconf/apps/tangogps/%gconf.xml), but I couldn't see any options to
>> set the font size.
> You should never fiddle with a text editor anything in ~/.gconf  - bad
> things may happen.
> I'll add an option for configuring it.
> Regards,
> Marcus
I was in vi, and if I don't change anything, I always do a :q! to lose
anything that might have accidentally changed.  I learned my lesson long

Did you change anything in the position / speed algorithm?  It doesn't seem
to have as much jitter when stopped as it did before.  But I've also updated
my distro of SHR-U to the December 5th release, so it may have been
something upstream.... or maybe just a coincidence.

Keep up the good work.  TangoGPS is an awesome program. :)


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