>>>> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/User:Pike/Thone

> I have .ipk now
> http://jama.homelinux.org/org.openembedded.shr/all/thone_0.5-r0.4_all.ipk

Cool! Thanks!

Now, as was to be expected, I fixed some bugs
and upped a new version, 0.6 .. with a different
url ..  wouldnt it be easier if I hosted that ipk
myself, on googlecode ?

.. so i was trying to untarzip your ipk file
to see if I could update it but it gives
"tar: invalid tar magic". isnt it a tarzip ?

I'm wondering how to proceed. Never done this.
Given the way .ipk works, I dont see the need
for a makefile.

> BTW: Haven't seen your real name to fill AUTHOR field properly.. but
> nick will be enough if it is intentional  ;) .

Yeah, "pike" will do :-)


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