>>>>>> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/User:Pike/Thone
> I'm not going to host that .ipk.. but add recipe to shr and it will be
> in SHR feeds as any other app :). 

Bear with me :-) The bitbake recipe refers to the ipk ?

In either case, it's probably better to wait for
a bit more stable version, or find a way for me to
fix bugs upstream.

In short, wow thanks, but please don't, yet.

> BTW: in 0.5
> * updating sms.cache..
> /org/freesmartphone/PIM/Messages/Query: Query failed:
> org.freedesktop.DBus.Python.AttributeError
> is it something fixed in 0.6 already? (I'll try in few minutes..)

I don't think so - never seen it.
Let me check if I can repeat it.


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