On Thu, Apr 01, 2010 at 12:29:47AM +0200, pike wrote:
> Hi
> >>>> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/User:Pike/Thone
> > I have .ipk now
> > http://jama.homelinux.org/org.openembedded.shr/all/thone_0.5-r0.4_all.ipk
> Cool! Thanks!
> Now, as was to be expected, I fixed some bugs
> and upped a new version, 0.6 .. with a different
> url ..  wouldnt it be easier if I hosted that ipk
> myself, on googlecode ?

I'm not going to host that .ipk.. but add recipe to shr and it will be
in SHR feeds as any other app :). If you want to reuse it for other
distributions, feel free to add link to shr feeds or redistribute it
from googlecode.

I'll update recipe to 0.6 and add it to feed (probably today).

> .. so i was trying to untarzip your ipk file
> to see if I could update it but it gives
> "tar: invalid tar magic". isnt it a tarzip ?

it's 'ar', ar -x would do right magic

> I'm wondering how to proceed. Never done this.
> Given the way .ipk works, I dont see the need
> for a makefile.

With makefile it would be easier to install files to other locations
easily (like readme to /usr/share/doc) etc.. but it's not a big issue so
if you don't see the need, OK :).

> > BTW: Haven't seen your real name to fill AUTHOR field properly.. but
> > nick will be enough if it is intentional  ;) .
> Yeah, "pike" will do :-)


BTW: in 0.5
* updating sms.cache..
/org/freesmartphone/PIM/Messages/Query: Query failed:

is it something fixed in 0.6 already? (I'll try in few minutes..)


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Jansa Martin                 sip:jama...@voip.wengo.fr 

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