Am Donnerstag 01 April 2010 00:29:47 schrieb pike:
> Hi
> >>>>
> >
> > I have .ipk now
> >
> Cool! Thanks!
> Now, as was to be expected, I fixed some bugs
> and upped a new version, 0.6 .. with a different
> url ..  wouldnt it be easier if I hosted that ipk
> myself, on googlecode ?
> .. so i was trying to untarzip your ipk file
> to see if I could update it but it gives
> "tar: invalid tar magic". isnt it a tarzip ?

.ipk are ar archives containing 2 tar.gz archives

> I'm wondering how to proceed. Never done this.
> Given the way .ipk works, I dont see the need
> for a makefile.

I can imagine how Martin's recipe looks like and it's probably very ugly and 
just for your current version. If you add an additional file or rename one then 
that recipe won't work anymore.
If you provide a Makefile then it will look nice and be independent on what you 
in your programm. That way it's much much easier to maintain for the package 
maintainer. And writing a Makefile is a matter of 5 minutes for you...

> > BTW: Haven't seen your real name to fill AUTHOR field properly.. but
> > nick will be enough if it is intentional  ;) .
> Yeah, "pike" will do :-)
> thanks,
> *-pike

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