Hello Pike,

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> On April 1st, 2009, Werner Almesberger wrote
>  > April 1 is not over yet ;-) [1]
> Following up on that discussion, I decided to
> write a bunch of shell scripts to read/write sms,
> calls, manage your address book etc. At first,
> they were basicly mdbus wrappers. But it apparently
> took me a full year get the details right.
> And today is a nice day to release what I have
> http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/User:Pike/Thone
> I'm curious what y'all think. My aim was to write
> something that would beat the guis: quicker to load,
> easier to work with, more reliable, and, when using
> a gui like FatFingerShell [2], prettier :-)
> But to be honest, I'm not there yet.
> I learned the nitgrit of bash, sed and awk along
> the way; most of the code already looks like
> babytalk to me now, but well it works.

Grrreat!.. :-) Thanks a lot!. I will test your job
on fatfingershell asap and I'll let you know how it goes.

Since new libsdl lets us run/rotate sdl applications
on fb directly it would be possible to start the system
with just a shell to work :) 



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