Hi Rafael

>> On April 1st, 2009, Werner Almesberger wrote
>>  > April 1 is not over yet ;-) [1]

> Grrreat!.. :-) Thanks a lot!. I will test your job
> on fatfingershell asap and I'll let you know how it goes.
> Since new libsdl lets us run/rotate sdl applications
> on fb directly it would be possible to start the system
> with just a shell to work :) 

In fact, I had that setup before I flashed
my phone. The launcher started with
        fatfingershell -e "thone jail"

But after flashing to shr-u, I can't install the ipk
for fatfingershell anymore :-/ It depends on libsdl and
libvorbis, but shr-u uses libsdl-ttf-2.0-0 and libvorbis0
(i'm guessing these are the intended packages)..


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