The correct komi value assuming both players are perfect.  Or, black 
utilize his advantage (maybe in an early stage) perfectly.  Actual 
players, even strong pros, are not perfect and cannot fully utilize 
their advantages.  As a conclusion, white is favored.


Aja Huang: <>:
>Hi all,
>As you might know the Chinese professional player Ke Jie is like an
>erupting volcano, triumphant in many domestic and international Go
>In the interview at
>Ke Jie said in his opinion on 19x19 komi 6.5 or 7.5 favors White. That
>seems consistent to MCTS's behavior? i.e. on the empty board, with komi
>7.5, Black's win rate is usually between 46% and 48% meaning White is
>ahead. As the current top pro, Ke Jie's viewpoint is very interesting. :)
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