Frisbee go sounds fun.
How do you plan to use the GTP protocol to support this? I think that the
randomization should be handled by the server, so the bot needs to get
feedback about the move actually carried out. So maybe
genmove + undo & play
or reg_genmove + play
depending on what do the bots support?

It should be fairly easy to modify gogui-twogtp to allow for this, and imo
if you want to promote the frisbee go, this should be done early, s.t.
there is platform for testing.

Josef M.

On Wed, Nov 11, 2015 at 11:15 PM "Ingo Althöfer" <>

> > Oh! You can have a continuous handicap control by giving the players
> different epsilons. :)
> Right. You have "the same" in human-played Frisbee Go by having arbitrary
> distances from which the players have to throw their frisbees. (You may
> even change the distance during the game ....)
> Ingo.
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