There are various tricks of the trade to recreate files that have various 
reproduction restrictions. I don't have Adobe Reader on the computer, but with 
Professional I can print a PDF to an "Adobe PDF" printer, which may be what is 
referred to with the Mac. This prints the document to a new file. Does Adobe 
sales say that a document created in this manner transfers the security 
restrictions? I'd be willing to play with one of your documents if you want to 
send it to me outside the listserv (I have Adobe Acrobat 8 running on Windows 
XP Pro).


>>> b_s-wilk <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> 02/13/08 7:46 PM >>>
Can the file be printed? On a Mac you can print to Preview, then save 
again as a PDF. Is there a Windows equivalent you can use?

>> Daniel Else wrote:
>> Mike, if you have someone in the family who qualifies for the Adobe Acrobat 
>> Education pricing structure, I'd recommend that you go ahead and purchase AA 
>> Professional. It is a terrific discount. That will allow you to do anything 
>> you 
>> want to a pdf.
> Dan,
> Not anything! Turns out that the creator of a PDF file can lock it in such a 
> way as to prevent any markup even by a recipient who uses Adobe Acrobat 3D 
> Version 8, the highest version of Adobe Acrobat. I confirmed this with 
> Adobe's 
> sales.
> Or do you have a different experience?
> I'll be purchasing articles and then might have to highlight them. That's why 
> I want to be able to highlight. I might have to print out and highlight hard 
> copy.
> Thanks,
> Michael

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