Andy Gallant and Daniel Else


Criminal acts are not allowed on this discussion list. You are committing 
speech crimes that violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). 
Providing directions for circumvention is a criminal act.

If you want to put yourselves in danger of prosecution that is your 
business, but do it off list. Criminal speech on the list puts the entire 
list in peril of being shut down. I don't want this to happen.

If you continue with criminal speech I will have to protect the list by 
restricting your ability to post. So please STOP!

Dan, I am particularly surprised that someone posting from LOC would so 
brazenly break the law. Working for one of the primary DMCA arbiters you 
should know better than the rest of us what the DMCA requires.

Michael, if the creator of a PDF file locks it you have to respect that 
lock. That is the law. Any speech about breaking the lock violates the 
DMCA. You either respect the lock, find a more open supplier, or apply to 
the LOC for a waver (I think they accept petitions every 2 years). If you 
take the long view, not voting for corrupt politicians might help too.


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