> Read the documentation, here:
> http://www.openbsd.org/porting.html

Well, I just missed this one.
That is the problem to work when there is too much people in a small room.

> Mandrake as a new project inside Debian.But it was refused here, many feels
> involved.But if you change the original idea, try debian-project ML.The
> Debian-Mandrake can receive financial support of SPI as described by
> Goerzen, more and more developers, because Debian Developers
> automatically can help this new project...But it's only a
> proposition.Already refused, i known.

Well, I can't see how it could be accepted.
I have understand all words, but it still don't understand.

If it was accepted, can you explain what we would do ?


MichaŽl Scherer

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