On Sat, 2003-02-08 at 18:49, Michael Scherer wrote:
> > > If it was accepted, can you explain what we would do ?
> >
> > We've two scenarios here:
> >
> > 1) Mandrake as a new subproject:
> > If accepted, you can contact Debian developers through two MLs:
> > debian-project and debian-devel.To discuss about a internal merge
> > with Desktop subproject or not and others aspects, obviously.
> > The new subproject automatically will be under Debian Free Software
> > Guidelines, Constitution and in my view some(or many) adaptions to
> > Debian Policy will be necessary to cover it.
> Well, obviously, this is not possible.
> Maybe Mandrake seems to be only a nice installer with some software, but, this 
> is more than that.

> There is the numerous wizard, working closely with the distribution.
Do you known debconf? or cdebconf? It's a configuration management
system (for Debian packages) which supports many frontends including:
gnome, readline and dialog.debconf supports i18n too. 

debconf and the documentation:

debconf reimplementation in C(the original is in Perl):

It isn't a troll: Is any Mandrake piece of software doing the same
thing? Can you clarify to me?

> There is msec, deeply rooted in the security mechanism of the project.
I known msec and it's really good.

> There is a lot of customized software, such as KDE, the kernel, or xmms 
> ( http://people.mandrakesoft.com/~gc/ )
> And there is more, but, this should be enough.
> So , merging the differences would not be interesting, for all the works it 
> represent.
Yes, but we can share our experiences.

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