> > If it was accepted, can you explain what we would do ?
> We've two scenarios here:
> 1) Mandrake as a new subproject:
> If accepted, you can contact Debian developers through two MLs:
> debian-project and debian-devel.To discuss about a internal merge
> with Desktop subproject or not and others aspects, obviously.
> The new subproject automatically will be under Debian Free Software
> Guidelines, Constitution and in my view some(or many) adaptions to
> Debian Policy will be necessary to cover it.

Well, obviously, this is not possible.
Maybe Mandrake seems to be only a nice installer with some software, but, this 
is more than that.
There is the numerous wizard, working closely with the distribution.
There is msec, deeply rooted in the security mechanism of the project.
There is a lot of customized software, such as KDE, the kernel, or xmms 
( http://people.mandrakesoft.com/~gc/ )

And there is more, but, this should be enough.
So , merging the differences would not be interesting, for all the works it 


MichaŽl Scherer

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