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> Mandrake as a new project inside Debian.But it was refused here, many feels
> involved.But if you change the original idea, try debian-project ML.The
> Debian-Mandrake can receive financial support of SPI as described by
> Goerzen, more and more developers, because Debian Developers

Let me clarify a bit: I'm not saying that SPI would be able to donate
money or resources to the Mandrake project (though that may be a
possiblity).  I'm saying that SPI may be able to receive donations on
behalf of the Mandrake community, and hold any other assets such as
servers or copyrights on their behalf, in much the same way as they do
for Debian, the Berlin project, and others.  It is just a way to make
it easier to interface cyberspace with the real world.  And it is a
discussion totally separate from any Debian-Mandrake cooperation.

-- John

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