On Mon, 10 Feb 2003, Greg Meyer wrote:

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> On Monday 10 February 2003 12:22 am, Steve Fox wrote:
> > The only thing in doubt is the reference
> > to 'Mandrake developers', which makes it sound like Mandrakesoft
> > employees were in this discussion, which they were not.
> The article insinuates that the "community" was planning what to do in the
> aftermath of the failure of MandrakeSoft, which is not why the thread was
> started.  It is an inaccurate representation of the original discussion.
Blablabla... All you write is most probably true and if so I totally
agree the author should be summarly executed (for the humor impaired :
*flash* *flash* sarcasm! *flash* *flash*). However, Gustavo was also
misrepresented as being the originator of the comments in the referred
article while he was actually referred to this mailing list AFTER the
  HHHHaaaiiipp (*gasp of air*) On the other hand, he was getting obnoxious
about the fact that he was misunderstood about this while in fact his
not so complete mastering of the English language was to blame.
  And now I am REALLY out of this stupid selective reading competition.
If you don't believe, go back to the mail archive and REALLY read and
read and read and read what was actually typed (in this subthread)(and I
am really not so stupid to believe that all of it represents what was

Guy Bormann

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