On Sun, 2003-02-09 at 22:47, Greg Meyer wrote:

> In my estimation, you have completely misrepresented the discussion that was 
> going on here by substituting your own wishful thinking and by using out of 
> context comments by people committed to making Mandrake successful.  That is 
> not being a good diplomat for the Debian Project.  You took this thread where 
> you wanted it to go, which was a far different place than when it started.

You guys seem to have it ass backward. He was simply making suggestions,
which were shot down. He wasn't trying to force anyone to do anything.

"They proposed to create Mandrake Linux development as community similar
to how the Debian project is organised, which is why John Goerzen from
Debian contributes to the discussion. Austin Acton wonders how Debian
maintains responsibilities and resources."

Sounds pretty harmless to me. The only thing in doubt is the reference
to 'Mandrake developers', which makes it sound like Mandrakesoft
employees were in this discussion, which they were not.


Steve Fox

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