On Thu, Apr 5, 2018 at 6:56 PM, Brett Cannon <br...@python.org> wrote:

> Yes, you're jumping the gun. 😋 As I mentioned yesterday, the plan is to
> open it up tomorrow and announce that here. If things look good after that
> then we can take it to python-dev.

Thanks for setting up python.zulipchat.com.  While signing up for
Zulipchat, I read through
the terms of service at: https://zulipchat.com/terms/

I just wanted to confirm, are those terms of service compatible with PSF
policies in terms of:

- privacy of data, https://zulipchat.com/privacy/ ,  vs. Python.org's
policy at: https://www.python.org/privacy/
- age restriction (zulipchat can only be used by age >= 13)
- export compliance with respect to residents of Cuba, Iran, North Korea,
or Syria
- anything else

Personally, I am not affected by these policies, since I am a U.S. citizen,
resident in the U.S., and over 13 years old.

I am not an expert in these topics, but just wanted to confirm that this is
compatible with Python.org's policy,
since Python is an open project with contributors who live in different
countries around the world,
and have different backgrounds, ages, etc.


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