Finally back from vacation, so can look at what I have stored away.

It isn't clear what version you ended up compiling. Looks like I have everything back to 0.91.7 (1995)

It looks like the bigworld maps were first added in 1.5.0 as an option, with them becoming the default version in 1.8.0 (though I'm not sure at which point they would stop working with later versions, if ever)

It also looks (via a quick grep of 'skill *.README') that the skill code first appeared in 0.92.1. Before that time, each character just had a single experience total and level, and that overall level determined things like ability to cast spells, ability to hit things, hp, sp, etc.

So depending on exactly what you are looking for, that might help determine ideal version to use. The old style X11 client (pulled into the client area, but looking the same) existed in the client code until 2010.

 I can certainly make any of the versions available if desired.
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