That name rings a bell from way back when. Not quite "cauldron.exe" time, but near.

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On 06/28/16 00:36, Robert Brockway wrote:
On Mon, 16 May 2016, Mark Wedel wrote:

It also looks (via a quick grep of 'skill *.README') that the skill
code first appeared in 0.92.1.  Before that time, each character just
had a single experience total and level, and that overall level
determined things like ability to cast spells, ability to hit things,
hp, sp, etc.

I still have my original Crossfire character (Lars the Northman) who
would date from around '95.  Lars passed beyond the world of mortals
long ago. Today he lives on as a pure DM character who only appears when
the DM is needed.

When I brought Lars back after years archived I think the game gave him
a few base skills automatically.

Lars was probably archived for 10 years.  I'm impressed that I was able
to load such an old character and have the game cope.

I can certainly make any of the versions available if desired.

Yes please.  Like others I'd like to keep ancient versions archived and
for review.



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