Would it be worth migrating the project to GitHub, along with a copy of
the HTML, assets, etc; for the real-time.com CF wiki? Issues wouldn't be
migrated, but a more modern VCS could be employed.

Also, has anyone tested how much bandwidth, disk space, etc; the latest
stable release uses under a test load (i.e. a few users/players)? I
don't mind chipping in for an AWS micro install as an alternative to
someone having to dedicate a spare PC or VM as an in-house server. The
biggest problem would likely be maps. Maybe we require users to download
them in advance via apt/yum/tarball?

Finally, who maintains the package currently available via `apt` on
Ubuntu/Debian systems? The Ubuntu page notes that it is Kari Pahula [1].
Is this person a CF dev?


1. "Package: crossfire-client (1.71.0-1.1) [universe]",

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