On 6/23/17 10:02 AM, Matthew Giassa wrote:
> Also, has anyone tested how much bandwidth, disk space, etc; the latest
> stable release uses under a test load (i.e. a few users/players)? 

Disk space needed for (trunk only) source content:

arch = 124M
server = 39M
maps = 549M

After compiling the server:

arch = 124M
server = 163M
maps = 549M

I have some stats in regards to server resources. This is with Ubuntu
16.04 with 6 players running around various maps.

>From my observations...

crossfire-server requires 30.0 MiB of RAM to run when idle according to
the server host System Monitor.

Each player connected uses an additional ~3 MiB of RAM/ea just to move
around and interact with the game world.

When a player with hundreds (or thousands) of items in their apartment,
guild maps, et al. first enters such a map, RAM utilization jumps
dramatically. At the moment, I don't have a way to quantify these numbers.

Each player requires/uses about 10 KiB/s of bandwidth. Some maps with
lots of spell casting and monsters (i.e., Tower of Demonology, Hanuk)
causes this to spike as high as 10MB/s or more while that map or spell
effects are taking place. In a recent test session, I missed tracking
total bandwidth sent and received.

Highest use of CPU appears to be calculating damage from spell effects
(especially comet and meteor) and/or magical attacks (dragons and large
lightning or large ice storm, etc.)

Disk space recommended for player files & unique map files, looking on
Metalforge - there is currently 111M of active player content. There is
13 years of archived content that is a total of 651M (low 33M, high 123M).

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